Test Mode

Circa recently shut down, and the Circa web application has been placed in test mode. Test mode allows you to perform most of the same actions as you could in the real production Circa, except for a few small things:

  1. You can't make real credit card purchases. However, you can simulate them by inputing the number 4242 4242 4242 4242 and any numbers for the expiration date and CVC.
  2. Logging in/signing up with Facebook is disabled.
  3. The site now displays debugging messages if something goes wrong (e.g., a 404 or 500 page, or the site goes down)
  4. HTTPS has been temporarily disabled. Because of this and the above hurt security, all previous user information has been deleted from the database as a precaution. Keep in mind if you want to play around with the site, it's more secure to use a throwaway email.
  5. Transactional emails (welcome email upon signup, purchase confirmation email, etc.) no longer work because Mandrill, our transactional email service, recently shut down their standalone service and only made it available as an add-on to a paid Mailchimp account, with an extremely short transition period (which made people really upset).
The database with all the real data has been deleted, so have fun playing around with it!

- Gautam, Circa creator/co-founder/Chief Donut Procurer